Not Moving Into Your New House Right Away and Need to Store Your Belongings?

How to Choose The Right Sized Moving & Storage Service

Sizes for storage units start from 5×10 feet to 20×20 feet. Nearly, all of them have 8 foot high ceilings, except the ones designed to hold a recreational vehicle. Some come with climate control, which is important for leather furniture or items that are damaged by excessive heat.

A 5×10 foot storage unit is close to the same size as a walk-in closet. This is 50 square feet and can house a sofa, chair, dresser, and mattress, al well as some miscellaneous boxes. The next size, is 10×10 foot, same as a large walk-in closet. It will house furnishings of a 1 bedroom apartment.

A 10×15 foot unit is around 150 square feet and can fit furnishings from a 2 bedroom apartment. This will hold furnishings and personal effects including major appliances.

So, when looking for a moving & storage service, have them come to inspect your property first before choosing a storage unit.

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