Will a Moving Company Come Equipped

Will a Moving Company Come Equipped with Moving Casters?

The type, size, and weight of the furniture you want moved is crucial; however, the type of flooring beneath each piece also plays a role when choosing the best casters. Quality, price, ease of use, and the way the casters will be used are important factors too. Bear in mind the manufacturer’s warranty may be void for your furniture if casters are added, so check this in advance.

Should you find that your moving company doesn’t come equipped with casters, you will then need to choose casters that can easily handle the size and weight of the furniture you wish to move. Multiply the weight of each caster being used to get the total weight. If the weight of the furniture is heavier than that number, you need to look for different casters. Dual wheel casters could be the way to go for larger or heavy pieces.

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